Misbranded Products Using Names of Standardized Dairy Foods

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Dear Commissioner Hamburg,

I encourage you to put a stop to the blatant and continued misuse of traditional dairy terms by manufacturers of plant-based substitutes (i.e., analogs made from soy, nuts, seeds, etc.). These products are imitations of milk and other dairy products which have Federal Standards of Identity and should be labeled as such.

FDA needs to enforce the standards of identity for “Milk”, “Yogurt”, “Sour Cream”, “Ice Cream”, and many varieties of “Cheese” which are currently being ignored and abused by marketers of these mislabeled products (e.g. “soy yogurt”, “non-dairy ice cream”, “rice milk”).

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Food labels should clearly and accurately identify the true nature of the food to the consumer. These companies should not be permitted to represent their products as something they are not.

In order to protect the interest of consumers, to promote honesty in the marketplace, and to maintain the integrity of your agency’s own regulations, FDA needs to act now to prevent further corruption of standardized dairy terminology.


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